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SISBOV is a system  created by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MALFS), with the aim of registering and monitoring the rural properties that commercialize their animals for the meatpackers that trade this meat abroad, and markets that require individual traceability.

One of the major advantages of implementing the SISBOV protocol is the possibility given to the producers to identify all of their animals and to embrace a culture of data collection on their property. This action provides a greater security and control for all those involved in the production process, which also adds more value to the products.

In order to ensure such control and export to European Union, the animals are individually identified and the property must be named in the TRACE LIST. In this list all the properties suitable for export to E.U. are pointed out.

Step 1

The producer contact SBC, the certifier accredited to the MALFS, to register with SISBOV.

Step 2

Request for SISBOV standard eartags and identification of 100% of the herd.

Step 3

Inspection of the certifier and update of the National Data Bank (NDB).

Step 4

Official MALFS audit and inclusion of the property in the TRACE LIST.

Step 5

After inclusion in the TRACE List and the completion of a residence period of 90 days of the animals in the certified property, the producer is able to trade to Europe.