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Who are we

SBC is a certifier  that was established in 2002 and its main purpose is audit the protocols of the Agriculture and Husbandry sector to promote a continuous improvement and also allow producers to add value to their product and conquer more demanding  markets.

Leader in the SISBOV protocol, SBC operates in roughly 30% of the certified farms in the Brazilian market, including both large livestock projects and renowned companies of the sector. SBC is also accredited ISO / IEC 17065 for the GLOBALG.A.P protocol for fruit and vegetable and grain scopes, and carries out internal audits of cattle herds and private protocols as well, such as the use of renewable sources of energy in industries and meatpackers.

There is a constant search for new markets and protocols for producers and consumers in SBC, because we believe that the certification enables producers to add value to their production.

SBC Integrated Management Software

SBC has developed a tool to assist the certification processes and the checking mechanisms of the producer. This tool is an electronic document management software for certification. It has a flexible and agile format to facilitate the operation of the producer and avoid possible errors of certification in the property, attending every need of all the protocols with whom we work.

100% WEB multiuser tool, Online and offline support

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Electronic document management - EDM

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Monitoring and inventory control of animals and other products for certification

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